Four childhood friends, bringing rock back.

Searching Valentine's story starts in the winter of 2018. After a stranded project, drummer Hein Keur felt it was not the end and, together with singer-guitarist Rens Venema, began writing new music. Longtime friend and bassist Milan Nieuweboer joined the band, and pianist Christiaan Gebhard came on board in 2022.

Their debut EP, “27 Forever,” gets its name from Searching Valentine founders Hein Keur and Rens Venema, both born on August 27. It is a slight nod to rock’s miserable history of losing beloved artists at age 27, making the EP title a metaphor for both life and death.

With sounds derived from bands of multiple eras and a handful of music scenes, the debut EP “27 Forever” discusses teenage angst, parties, love, and the question, "Is everything all right?". They bring the sweet noise of vintage instruments and equipment combined with a modern look at rock music.